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Driftway Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital located in the beautiful coastal town of Scituate, MA.  Focused on the local community throughout the South Shore, we are privately owned and have enjoyed caring for your pets for over 40 years.  As we are all pet owners ourselves, we truly treat every patient as if it were our own.

At Driftway, we always strive to provide the highest quality individualized care to keep our patients and their families happy and healthy.  Our mission is to support the human-animal bond, placing emphasis on the importance of education and preventative care throughout your pet’s lifetime.  We have state of the art surgical and dental suites, top notch medical care, a full in-house laboratory, and digital dental and regular radiography (x-ray).  A board-certified specialist performs ultrasonography on site once a week for our patients. In addition, we offer holistic treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic services.

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, from attending frequent continuing education lectures and labs to learn the newest advances and techniques; making things safe during COVID-19 for the staff, patients and clients; modernizing our client communication through the use of our new website (online store!) text message/email reminders, and updated phone system; and enhancements to the building and equipment.

We are in the process of refurbishing our kennel and boarding area and hope to provide your pets with an upgraded, luxurious vacation home soon.

We are grateful for the opportunity to care for your pets.  You have a lot of choices for veterinary care, and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us.  We are honored to be able to care for your little kittens and puppies throughout their lives and watch them grow with your families and be there with them with compassion when it is time to cross the rainbow bridge.

Thank you.

Meet Our Team

Find Compassionate Pet Care in Scituate, MA

Each animal we see is unique. Their personalities are unique and their needs are unique. That’s why we place such an important emphasis on wellness care, especially for puppies and kittens, and why we offer a traditional Western approach to health care combined with time-honored holistic methods such as acupuncture and chiropractic care.

Besides dogs and cats, we see rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and rats.

As pet owners, we understand that you want your pet to be treated with warmth and understanding by a staff that is courteous and professional. We believe that the care of your pet is a conversation between you and us so that concerns are shared, new information is provided and health goals for your pet are met.

Your pet will receive thorough wellness exams, appropriate vaccines, and have access to acupuncture, vaccine titers – and more. We will discuss the effects of nutrition and the environment on your pet’s health, and we can offer behavioral counseling if needed. Our goal is to minimize the need for more invasive and expensive medical procedures during the lifetime of your pet.

However, should your pet become ill or injured, we are equipped with a range of diagnostic tools, a modern surgical suite, and exceptional internal medicine abilities. Our holistic techniques also work toward a more rapid recovery while minimizing the effects of surgery.

In the end, we believe our inclusive approach is the most powerful in providing the highest quality veterinary care for your pet.

Please take a tour of our site to learn more about our doctors, our staff, and the services we provide. Call us today to set up an appointment for your pet. We would be proud to help care for your animal companion.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and CareCredit. Payment is required at the time of service.

We are excited to introduce Trupanion Express Pay!

Trupanion Medical Insurance can pay your veterinary bill in minutes

When your pet gets ill or injured, we want you to be able to focus on the health and well-being of your pet. Medical insurance can help you deal with unexpected veterinary expenses and provide your pet with the best medical care. Trupanion can cover a significant portion of your veterinary bill (up to 90% of eligible costs*) in minutes. With a Trupanion policy, our clients often pay only their part of the bill at checkout and leave the hospital without waiting for claim approvals and reimbursements. You can learn more about Trupanion coverage and direct payments at

Driftway Animal Hospital has both immaculate facilities and a welcoming and knowledgeable staff. Throughout my eighteen year experience with the hospital, my pets and I have always been treated with respect, compassion, and professionalism. The staff has a genuine concern for the well-being of each pet as well as for the satisfaction of the pet owner. My pets have received optimal preventative care as well as medical and dental treatment plans that use reasonable diagnostic tests with consideration of my financial constraints. The Driftway Animal Hospital "team" works as a smooth-functioning unit. Their camaraderie is endearing and their personal, sincere, and skillful approach makes the "going to the vet" experience more like being with "family".

As for their boarding services, I have always enjoyed a priceless peace of mind when boarding our Papillon, Stella. The boarding area is spotless and all of Stella's dietary and medical needs are attended to by trusted personnel. This staff administers Stella's medications and hand feeds her if she shows signs of appetite loss. It is also reassuring to know that if my pet experiences an unforeseen illness while boarding at the animal hospital she can immediately receive any necessary medical treatment. Additionally, when picking up Stella from boarding one day, I was told, "Stella's feet never touched the ground." When asked why, the reason was because Stella was constantly being held! Need I say more...

Pattie MacDowell

I have been coming to Driftway Animal Vet. For over 20 years. They are very attentive and thoughtful to the care of my pets. Dr. Siobhan is conservative and supportive to the animals and owners. Great experience! Plus they love my hyper anxiety crazy dog....

M, Lynne

The doctors and staff at Driftway are the reason why I keep bringing my animals back. Not only are they very knowledgeable and professional, they are personable seem to know exactly how to interact with my animals, which is not always easy. They make, what could potentially be a stressful experience, very pleasant.